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biohazard DAMNATION

October 2012 [CG]

About Stereographic 3D production

Stereographic 3D production


I did not have a problem working with stereographic 3D. During the conté process I had certain shots that I wanted to play around with but overall I aimed for a natural stereographic look.


For this project we packaged the data. We packaged the final renders of L channel then rendered R channel.


The know-how from “Tekken Blood Vengeance” was useful for this project. Also, since we were working on the background with foreign studio, I think there was some difficulty in regards to communication.

Message to the readers


I believe that “Resident Evil: Damnation” is one of the best quality work done at Digital Frontier. It shows our style with realistic CG look so I hope you all will enjoy the movie.


In this sequel I believe you will enjoy the battle between the creatures. Compared to previous film, you will find stronger human traits and you may feel empathy for the characters.



Both the story and creatures have become a lot more exciting than before. Facial expressions of the characters are great. Also check out the battle between the B.O.W.s. I think no other Resident Evil series have scenes which will make you feel empathy for the creatures. I hope you enjoy the film.