Digital Frontier



Digital Frontier Motion Capture Studio “Opakis”
Equipped with 100 VICON T160 High Resolution Cameras

Motion Capture Studio


Industry-highest levels of 16 megapixels motion capture cameras available. Tracking markers can be made smaller, resulting dramatic decrease in data noise.

Greater camera precision results fewer loss of marker data. Thus, scenes with blocking objects such as embracing scenes and falling scenes that are more difficult to capture can be done with ease and not limit actor performance.

By doubling the number of cameras, we can also cut down on data loss that can occur during the process of capturing multiple actors. If we were to take the same project and compare the post-production speed of previous and new system, the new system will take 30% less time.

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We also coordinate directors and actors specialized in various genres such as battle, sports, and dance scenes. We are also equipped with wire action equipment and other sets required for various filming.

With upgraded facility, Digital Frontier will continue to provide the best service.

Installed 100 VICON T160 cameras with revolutionary resolution of 16 megapixelsStudio Dimensions: 25×25 meters

Shooting Area

  • For Body & Finger: 15×10×4.5 meters (rectangular)
  • For Performance: 8×4×4.5 meters (rectangular)


  • VICON T160 × 100
  • VICON MX40 × 21(Facial Capture Studio)
  • 16 Megapixels
  • 120 FPS Full Frame
  • Electronic Freeze Frame Shutter
  • VICON Avalon Sensor
  • Dark Current Management
  • VICON Lens

Having the experience of filming live action films, Digital Frontier is facilitated with both small and large sets. We provide total service required for motion capture such as casting and setting up of wires for wire-action.