Digital Frontier




1994 Sep Digital Frontier established as a new section of TYO Image Enterprise.
1997 Apr Digital Frontier moved to Daikanyama.
2000 May Digital Frontier became subsidiary company of TYO Corporation. Initial capital: 20 million JPY.
2003 May
  • Headquarter moved to Meguro (the office at Daikanyama is kept as a branch office).
  • Motion Capture Studio established at Meguro Headquarter.
2005 Dec One of Asia’s largest motion capture studio “OPAKIS” opened in Tokyo, Odaiba.
(motion capture studio at Meguro closes)
2006 Apr Acquisition and incorporation of Saruchin, Ltd. as a subsidiary (80% capital injection). Company renamed to Saruchin, Co. GEMBA, Co. established (85% capital injection)
2007 Jan Facial Capture Studio established.
Jun Meguro headquarter moved to Daikanyama Office.
2008 Aug Capital increased to 31,458,000 JPY.
2009 Oct Saruchin, Co. merges with Digital Frontier.
2010 May4月 Parent company changes from TYO Inc. to Fields Corporation.
2011 Jul Taiwan subsidiary "Digital Frontier Taiwan Inc." established. (share: 85%)
Oct Headquarter moved to Shibuya-ku, Sakuragaoka-cho.
Dec Acquired CG production company “Fly Studio SDN, BHD” in Malaysia. (share: 79%)
2013 May Digital Frontier acquires 100% of the shares of Digital Frontier Taiwan Inc.
2015 Jan Osaka office established.
2018 Feb Osaka office moved.


2000 Jul Game movie "Art Kamion Geijyutsuden" won the award for SIGGRAPH 2000 Electronic Theatres.
2001 Jul TV commercial “Wing” won the award for SIGGRAPH 2001 Animation Theatres.
2002 Aug 3DCG animation film "Bono Bono Kumono no Ki no Koto" won the "Jury Recommended Works" at Japan Media Arts Festival.
2004 May Roppongi Hills event movie "Tokyo Scanner".awarded Bronze Prize at the One Show Interactive 2004.
2005 Apr "Appleseed" won CG Technology Prize at Fourth Image Technology Prize 2004.
2011 Aug Game movie "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" was selected at Animation Festival at Siggraph 2011.
2012 Jul Animation film "Wolf Children" was selected for Siggraph Animation Festival Daytime Selects.
Aug Full CG feature film "Tekken Blood Vengeance" was accepted for the Siggraph 2012 Computer Animation Festival in LA, California.
Oct Full CG film "Tekken Blood Vengeance" won 3D Creative Arts International Award for film at 3D Creative Arts International Awards in Japan
2013 Feb Full CG film "Tekken Blood Vengeance" won International Jury Prize at 4TH ANNUAL 3D CREATIVE ARTS AWARDS in Beverly Hills, California.
Apr Film "Tabidachi no Shimauta ~Jyugo no Haru ~" (Leaving on the 15th Spring) was nominated for Best Children's Feature Film at Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2013.~
2014 Dec Panasonic's 4K Promotional Video "Liberación" won the 4K Good Practice Award 2014.
2015 Jan Panasonic's 4K Promotional Video "Liberación" won the Best 4K Advertising 2015 at International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society (USA).
Feb Film "Aooni" was selected for the competition at Festival Internacional de Cinema do Porto.
Oct Film "I AM A HERO" won the Audience Award and Best Special Effects at the 48th Stiges Catalonia International Film Festival.
2016 Mar Film "I AM A HERO" won the Audience Award and Oriental Express Special Award at the 36th Festival Internacional de Cinema do Porto and the Audience award in the Midnighters category at theSouth by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival
Apr Film "I AM A HERO" won the Grand Prix at the 34th Brussels International Film Festival.
Sep Full CG feature film "GANTZ:O" was selected for the Out of competition at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival.
Dec Digital Frontier won The Grand Prize and "GANTZ:O" won The Best Picture/CGI animation of The 2nd CGWORLD AWARDS.
2018 Apr Film "INUYASHIKI" won the Grand Prix(Golden Raven) at the 36th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.
Oct Film "INUYASHIKI" won the Best Special Effects at the 51th Stiges Catalonia International Film Festival.