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Massive is a 3D software for generating realistic crowd behaviors and autonomous agent driven animation for film, game cinematic, and television. Several thousand to tens of thousands individual characters called “Agents” can be placed quickly and efficiently on the scene. Using fuzzy logic, each agent can react individually to both the environment and people around him/her. The reactions can be controlled through the interface, which is driven by motion capture or key-frame animation to create a realistic scene.

At Digital Frontier, we have the knowledge and experience to rival any Hollywood production companies. We have created an assortment of custom agents for our clients. By using Massive, we can cutback on the number of extras, which lowers the labor cost on set. If we try to create the same amount of crowds in other 3D programs, it is not only impractical but literally impossible.

Production Process

A Motion

The ability for an agent to react to certain situations depends on the agent's motion library. At preproduction we assess what kinds of motions and reactions that would be required. In addition, a motion tree is developed, which is a list of motions that is necessary to meet the needs of the project.

Most of our human agents are captured at our capture studio and non-human creatures are animated by hand.

B Brain Development

Agent’s behavior is developed in the brain. Thus depending on the requirements, brains can become very complex.

  • Navigation
  • Formation
  • Battle

    Fighting is one of the difficult situations. The agent needs to understand what the opponent is doing at any given point and react quickly to respond.

C Shot Work & Custom Tools

Tools have been developed in our workflow to make work easier and more efficient.

D Rendering

Finally, we render our data and create sequence file. After this step, our composite team takes the work to the next level.