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“Shaped through the actualization of my own unique way, that’s my Frontier Spirit.”
Ryo Horibe



Born 1974 in Kumamoto Pref., Japan. He has plenty of experiences creating cel-look CG animation. His filmography includes “Summer Wars”, “Wolf Children” and “The Boy and The Beast”.

Future career preference

My work is fully with CG, mostly in anime films including such works as Director Mr. Hosada's films. It is through these experiences that I built up my filming acumen. I would like to continue making films which the whole family can enjoy and would like to try to make a film for kids.

The most memorable work

It is difficult to choose though I would like to say “Wolf Children”. I was responsible for the CG work involving: hand drawings of the wind blowing in the back ground; creating CG of natural phenomenon such as rain and snow; and all composite cuts.
I was also asked to create “expression” through CG. I had to struggle and kept trying every day in order to satisfy the director. At the beginning I had no idea what technique to use because of a lack of precedent. I just relied on my own feelings like “If I do this then I would see it this way,” and ended up creating my own techniques and using them. Finally I received recognition from the director and learned the meaning of “expression” and how to enjoy a challenge. It was a great experience with the staff team, helping each other out and brainstorming during the making of this film.

Career Path

  1. 2001Career start

    Joined the company as a CG designer. Worked for the film “BONO BONO Kumomo no Ki no Koto”

  2. 2004Year 4

    Became a CG director. Worked for opening in-game cutscenes.

  3. 2008Year 8

    Worked on the CG parts of the animated film “Summer Wars”.

  4. 2015Year 15 - Present

    Became a CG director for the animated film “The Boy and the Beast”

Personal life

Ryo Horibe I spend my time with my two children during the weekend. Go to the park, watch DVDs or make crafts with them. When I spend time with my children, I often find something that I wasn’t aware of that is interesting to me. They make me rediscover things that I had forgotten as I grew up. Also, I sometimes play basketball with my colleagues. I can refresh myself by taking time off from work.

The entertainment product(s) that changed my life

It sounds like a stereotypical answer but it is “Jurassic Park”. I was so moved when I saw the computer-generated dinosaurs; “They are real and moving!”
That experience turned me onto the CG industry.