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“Take a chance, regret nothing when making a film”
Yoichi Mouri



Born 1970 in Nagasaki Pref., Japan. Has plenty of experiences as a CG director. Made his film director debut with “Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D” in 2011. Specializes in full CG animation.

My strength and future career preference

I like both “kawaii” and “action”. I have more experience with action films therefore I’d prefer the challenges of different genres. I like anime so I am good at image creation which helps when directing anime films. In fact, I am planning one now with regards to the type of work that I want to direct in the future.

The most memorable work

Although I’ve made many works, I vividly remember making “BONO BONO, Kumomo no Ki no Koto” because that was my first feature-length full CG film. It is hard to believe now but there were 13 team members on that film so we made it at a very low cost. Further with the “Tekken” video game series, this was my debut as a director in addition to the beginning of my directing of famous in-game cut scenes. This provided me with multiple opportunities in many ways. Then when I worked on “Atagoal”, I became more aware of how to make a layout. So many works improved me.

Career Path

  1. 1999Career start

    Joined Digital Frontier as a CG director before the company became incorporated.

  2. 2000Year 2

    Worked on the film “DIGIMON ADVENTURE 3D DIGIMON GRAND PRIX” as a CG director.

  3. 2002Year 4

    Worked on the film “BONO BONO Kumomo no Ki no Koto” as a CG director

  4. 2006Year 8

    Worked on the film “Atagoal” as a CG director.

  5. do.

    Worked on the game “Tekken 5” as the CG director. This encounter with the “Tekken” series would become one of his more memorable work as he would later be selected as the director of the movie version.

  6. 2008Year 10

    Worked on the game “Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion” as a CG director.

  7. 2011Year 13 - Present

    Made his debut as a film director in “Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D”. The movie was well-received due to his previous excellent experiences in full 3D CG films in combination with his deep understanding of the story behind “Tekken” from his past experience with the “Tekken” video game series. Now he actively works for a variety of different genre while still focusing on 3DCG.

Personal life

Yoichi Mouri Go see movies, go out for drives…and though not really recently, I use to go diving in the sea. Now I will often play with my cat. When I was working on the film “Atagoal”, I studied cats a lot which caused me to change from a dog person to a cat person.

The entertainment product(s) that changed my life

“Tom and Jerry” - I saw it when I was little. I was surprised because it was just entertaining watching the choreography despite having no dialogue. I have several DVDs and still watch it sometimes. I like this kind of cute nostalgia.