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“My life as a CG artist, almost feverishly captivated.”
Yasushi Kawamura



Born 1974 in Kanagawa Pref., Japan. After gained experience as an animation director and a CG director in films and games including 3DCG film “Appleseed”, he made his film director debut with “GANTZ:O” in 2016. He specializes in Sci-fi Genre.

Future career preference

I would like to make all kinds of full CG films such as realistic CG films, CG movies for kids and families like Disney’s Pixar and so on. Though I have mainly worked in science fiction, I would like to work in all film genre. And one day, I want to be a world class CG animated film director. I am also interested in directing live-action films.

The most memorable work

It would be “GANTZ:O”. It took five years from planning to making a pilot film. I spent one third of my life in CG on this film.

Career Path

  1. 2000Year 1

    He joined Digital Frontier one year after resigning from a pharmaceutical company. First job as a CG designer was with the animated TV series “ZOIDS”. Improving little by little, he started working with more difficult cuts a month later.

  2. 2002Year 3

    Joined the creative team behind the video game “Dino Crisis 3”. He enjoyed being able to create and detail new CG dinosaurs according to his own vision.

  3. 2004Year 5

    Made his debut as an animation director in the film “Appleseed”.

  4. 2007Year 8

    Worked as the CG director in the film “EX MACHINA”.

  5. 2008Year 9

    Gained a deep understanding of what it takes to be a director while involved in creating the plots for pachinko/pachislot projects.

  6. 2016Year 17 - Present

    Made his debut as a director in the film “GANTZ:O”.

Personal life

Yasushi Kawamura Since I am a father of three children, every day is full and troublesome. My wife always scolds me because I keep trying to escape from doing house chores.

The entertainment product(s) that changed my life

I still watch “Back to the Future” a few times each year. I tell my son that he should buy a DeLorean.
Also I buy Star Wars toys for my children… mostly.