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““Story”, this is what I want to create.”
Masanori Ikeda



Born 1973 in Kanagawa Pref., Japan. Currently works mainly for Pachinko/Pachislot projects.

Genre of specialty

It is full CG.
With “something different” I guess.
When “some amorphous idea that no one knows how to create” comes up, I will show up to help and usually end up becoming responsible for it.

Future career preference

It must somehow involve storytelling.
Maybe science fiction…
I want to create something that will both entertain and delight the audience.


  • CG movie in the sports genre
  • CG movie in the action genre

Career Path

  1. 1996Career start

    Started career working and gaining experience at two different CG production companies.

  2. 2002Year 7

    Joined Digital Frontier. Worked as a CG designer on the film “BONO BONO Kumomo no Ki no Koto”.

  3. 2004Year 9

    Worked as a CG director on the opening cinematic of the game “City of Heros”.

  4. 2006Year 11

    Worked on the opening movie of the game “GUILD WARS FACTIONS”

  5. 2008Year 13

    Worked as a CG director on the film “Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge”.

  6. 2011Year 16 - Present

    Left Digital Frontier for a few years then rejoined the company for an action pachinko/pachislot project. Currently is still mainly working as a CG director for pachinko/pachislot.

Personal life

Masanori Ikeda I tour around on my motorbike sometimes.
And I play guitar, watch DVD, and go out to see movies.

The entertainment product(s) that changed my life

I got the book “Illustrated Tank (Gakken X) Picture Book” when I was in kindergarten. I drew tanks as “work cars”.
My neighbor gave me the book “Yamato and Musashi – Super-battleship that the Japanese Navy is Proud Of” when I was grade 1. I was really into it.
And “Appleseed”. I read this book when I was grade 7 and it took me down the path of an OTAKU.