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“Anything I can imagine, I can create visually.”
Atsushi DOI



Born 1973 in Hiroshima Pref., Japan. Specializes in realistic CG images. His filmograhy includes “I Am a Hero” and “biohazard DAMNATION”.

My strength and future career preference

Recently I’ve worked on many films with photorealistic VFX and creature related VFX, so I certainly have confidence about my work which seeks to create reality. Anything I can imagine, I can create visually…this is my work motto.
I would like to make a full-scale SF film that has something novel in Japan. It would be a magnificent film if I can capture Japan’s beauty. And I would like to elevate Japanese VFX to being the world standard or higher.

The most memorable work

It is “I Am a Hero”. Because it was a film jointly produced by Japan and Korea, I gained a lot of experiences from shooting environment, special effects, special makeup, and so on. That film meant a lot to me because it challenged me to amalgamate real people with special makeup and CG, while not overtly emphasizing the CG.
Back then, I was working on the film “Taiyo (The Sun)” at the same time, so my schedule was like - I’ll be working for “I Am a Hero” in Tokyo followed by shootings in Chichibu, Saitama, then I would be back to Tokyo in the morning to continue finishing my work for “I Am a Hero”…they were very hard days but they ended very well and they were also some great memories for me.

Career Path

  1. 1997Career start

    Joined Digital Frontier when the company was just a CG department in TYO Inc. Built his career as a CG designer who worked with many different styles and projects.

  2. 2000Year 4

    Promoted to CG director because of his excellent reputation as a CG designer.

  3. 2001Year 5

    Made his debut as a CG director with the game “MAXIMO” after Digital Frontier was incorporated.

  4. 2005Year 9

    Involved with the film “Tokyo Zombie” as the CG director. It was his first zombie film using VFX.

  5. 2006Year 10

    Worked on the film “Death Note” and “Death Note: The Last Name” as a CG director, This was the beginning of his long relationship with the character of “Shinigami (Reaper)”.

  6. 2008 &2012Year 12 & 16

    Directed the zombies in the full 3DCG film “biohazard DEGENERATION” and again in “biohazard DAMNATION”.

  7. 2015Year 19

    Reunited with the Shinigami in the TV series version of “Death Note”

  8. 2016Year 20 - Present

    Created the high quality zombies for the film “I am a Hero” and the new Shinigami for the film “Death Note: Light Up the New World”

Personal life

Atsushi DOI I made a home garden on my balcony. Still waiting for the Olives to blossom…
My hobby is photography so I usually go for walks taking photos and chasing cats around the Yanesen area since I live in Sendagi.

The entertainment product(s) that changed my life

It would be “Mobile Suit Gundam”. I cried when I watched it even as a kid. I was into building plastic models of Gundam during summer holidays when I was an elementary school student. Also “Nobunaga’s Ambition”. It was my first game in the first computer in my house. I got pulled into this game spectacularly. I instantly liked history and graphics. Also, “Star Wars episode 4, 5, 6”. I saw the trilogy at the movie theatre when I was an elementary school student. It affected me profoundly, my world was changed by those films. Lastly, the Blue Backs books that dealt with the theory of relativity. When I was in Grade 10, I became interested in the universe and physics because of these books.